Wednesday, August 31, 2016

And Eurowankers Wonder Why......

,,,,,,, Britain told them to stick their dreams of a new wold order?

The EU has issued a 'ruling' demanding Apple hand over $19 billion dollars to the Irish gummint.

But get this.

There has been no tax evasion or any other illegal activity on the part of Apple.

Ireland set about attracting big business (along with all it's benefits such as employment, expenditure, payment of 23% VAT on all goods and services, etc) by adopting a relatively low rate of corporate income tax, namely 12.5%.

Apple set up business there and prospered as a result, as did Ireland.

However the socialists who run the EU are having none of that and are calling it 'tax evasion' because apparently Ireland has broken EU rules by offering an attractive rate of tax.

Of course this ridiculous 'ruling' by a dying organisation is being appealed by Apple and by Ireland.

Adolf has an answer for them though.

Apple should mount a counter claim for all the wages, VAT and other transactions made in Ireland during the time it has been in business there.  By the time the whole thing is settled the EU will be part of the Islamic State so it won't matter anymore.


A bunch of crats in Brussels have decreed Apple will pay twenty billion euro as penalty and restitution for years of tax evasion.
Not 19.000000001 billion, a nice juicy twenty

No calculation of Apple's costs in its part in the massive turnaround of an economy once in the ballpark with the perenniel life supported Greeks,  just a punitive figure made up to fit the "bastards are rich" meme that has media party 'stating as fact' The Irish are surprised at the extent of Apple's evasion.

A bunch of enlightened Irish politicians got off their ample arses and changed their nations economic direction, now mainly in a concerted reach for lost power  and embarrassment that the bog dwellers could achieve infinitly beyond what the moribund crats deliver for Greece et al, Apple is a targetted victim.

Meanwhile in another unforseen outcome of the UK act "of madness"  Spain, once competing with the feta and olive masters for bottom rung status, are enjoying an extrordinary surge in tourism.
Gee they will be next for the hand brake treatment from the "coke bottle adorned"  crats.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016


It's over Helen, nice try.


I know that a number of history and military buffs access No Minister.   This is for you.

Many of you will have seen the film or read the book 'The One That Got Away' detailing the exploits of Franz 'Baron' von Werra including his attempt to commandeer an Hawker Hurricane fighter from RAF Hucknall and fly it back to France and his eventual escape from a prison train in Canada and his return to German via South America.    Von Werra never made it past getting into the cockpit.  

Twelve months later two German airmen actually managed to make away with a trainer aircraft and only failed to complete their escape when it was discovered the aircraft was low on fuel forcing them to turn back from over the North Sea.

Leutnant Heinz Schnabel was a fighter pilot while his partner Oberleutnant Harry Wappler flew bombers. In November 1941 they escaped from their prison camp wearing pilot uniforms and in possession of forged papers identifying them as Pilot Officer George David and Flight Lieutenant Harry Graven.   They made their way to
Carlisle where they went to a cinema frequented by airmen from RAF Kingstown and home to the No. 15 Elementary Flying School. 

At the end of the show they mingled with the airmen and, using their false papers, bluffed their way into the Base where they spent the night hiding in a hanger.

Next morning they bullied a RAF 'erk' apprentice to start up a Miles Magister training aircraft for them pictured below ... open cockpit, max speed 228 kph.

Miles Magister.jpg

They took off with the intention of flying to the Irish Republic but were prevented from that by bad weather. They then attempted to fly over the North Sea to Germany but turned back when they discovered the aircraft was low on fuel.   They landed the aircraft in a field where they tried to persuade the local police to get them fuel ... that's where their luck ran out,   By now the whole country was on alert for the hijacked aircraft.

Both pilots were sentenced to 29 days solitary confinement for their escape.   They were later transferred to
Canada where they sat out the war.

The mind boggles that they got so far especially after von Werra's attempt.   Seems that no lessons were learned from that.    This story intrigues me much more than von Werra's escapades. 


The Pickering Post.

Forget the mayhem Clive Palmer created with money that  almost certainly originated from Queensland Nickel, now shut down.
Forget what Malcolm Turncoat spent from his private wealth in the dying fortnight of the recent Federal Election  where he turned the large house majority he inherited from Tony Abbott into a single heart attack from having to revisit Sir Peter Cosgrove.
Ignore what Bob Jones did to Muldoon.
Marvel at the millions that Billary has garnered from various international sources that might still all be for zilch in November (yes I read Nate Silver).

The world leaders in how to purchase electoral success may well be the State Monolith of Australia,funded to the tune of billions that has almost destroyed the conservative wing of the Liberals and only allows Turncoat to survive in an apparent certainty he will never reduce the Media  Party  funding in Australia.

The latest clear success chalked up by the ABC branch of the Federal Media Party came last weekend with the destruction of Adam Giles and installation of  "Gunner" the leader of Territory Labor.
The decisive battle came with an ABC Four Corners Expose on excesses at the Territory DON Dale detention centre based largely on evidence that predated Giles election three years ago. Forget the Giles CLP administration had closed the complex where the Abu Graib imagery was sourced from and  replaced it with a new facility.

The demise of the once vaunted "Fourth Estate" that once stood with the citizenry as a bastion of restraint and revelation plus the also rapidly crumbling "free Speech" building block of democracy that allows the residents of the ABC ivory tower with their inflated egos,  inherent selfbelief in their infallibility and incomes to match, to have pivotal electoral success in promotion of their lefty candidates across the democratic free world. Yes any casual reading of the ABC propaganda has wholesome support for the EU, Billary, and more inexplicably the rise of Islam and of course Bully Shorton Brains, union backed Labor.  Unions that include the churnalists who run the asylum called The ABC
Here in Nu Ziland we have a less successful media party but give them time, they are on a parallel path as exemplified last election with the resigned statement on TV from Sue's little battler spawn; "no matter what WE do the polls just don't seem  to move".

As usual Larry Pickering makes the case with a little cartoon, just as Bill Leak summed up the dysfunctional effects of Aboriginal Family as his accurate portrayal of the base ingredient of the Four Corners garbage that made Adam Giles demise a political certainty.
Time will reveal what Gunna will do in his administration, one certainty however The ABC will be cheer leading all the way and if the idiot Turnbull had not over reacted with his moronic kneejerk Royal Commission response, Don Dale would just carry on with no further media scrutiny, well not from the ABC anyway.


The money still pours out of Australia as the  fruitless search for the missing airliner MH370 continues.

Daily. information piles up that it was almost certainly a rogue pilot who upon departing Kuala Lumpur Traffic control with an apparently normal "goodnight" waited around three minutes then made a significant departure from the flight path to Beijing and headed SSW into the Indian Ocean off WA where the plane dived into the sea.

Recovered deleted data from the command pilots home Flight Simulator revealed a flight plan for that eventuality.

The Australian Transport Safety Board charged with the research into the missing plane seems to be in denial that the pilot might have gone rogue.

That could not possibly have any connection to the moronic and obsessed attitude of so many, to avoid any links to the religion of peace and  that the pilot with the name Zaharie Ahmad Shah might just have made a lone wolf decision, could it.

If it was my money and John Key was spending up large on trying to find an answer, any answer that ignores the mounting evidence the plane with a load of innocent passengers was ditched in a deliberate act I would not be happy.

Yes there was considerably more substantive evidence to reveal the Lufthansa Subsidiary Germanwings'   plane  was flown deliberately into the side of a mountain in the Alps but the ongoing denial is now continuing with precious little chance of finding the wreckage in the waters of the Indian Ocean so when will enough be deemed enough.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Nero and Rome

You can always pick the failing salesman by his devotion to administrative duties.

Thus it is with politicians.

Today Australia is in recession and All Turnbull and Shorten can talk about is same sex marriage and black fellas' rights to not ever be offended.

So, thank your lucky stars you have a National PartyPM leading a gummint which oversees a thriving economy.  Everything else is a sideshow.


Rugby League fans have a right to fell aggrieved.   At the start of the year the Warrior PR machine went into overdrive (as is their want) to assure the fan base that the team, replete with star signings, was gods gift to the NRL.

That the top four beckoned while the top eight was a virtual certainty.   In the words of their 'sugar daddy' owner ... anything less was unthinkable.

Well, the unthinkable has happened.   Three games stand out in my mind as defining the team this year.   The first, their first game of the season, where they surrendered to Newcastle ... who have never won a game since; the second in round 7 (the ANZAC Day debacle) where they were smashed 42 zip by the Storm and yesterday with their season on the line and with massive crowd support where they threw it away in the last ten minutes.

My player of the year ... without doubt Simon Mannering, their dumped skipper ... why?   He gave it his all, 80 minutes every game.    No-one else comes close to him in the commitment stakes.   And that poses the question ... what is it in the Warriors culture that holds them back from taking the next step up.   Is it that some of the players actually believe the exaggerated hype that surrounds the team as a substitute for putting in the hard years; is there a lack of 'balance' in the team (read that as you will); is it hanging on to players past their prime (as in Oz rugby)?   Perhaps it's all those plus more.

So where to from here ... I suspect they'll throw McFadden to the dogs (as they've done to their last four coaches) but, to my mind, that's a bit like shuffling the deck chairs on the Titanic.    Something else needs to change and change fast.

Eric Watson doesn't do failure easily and right now 'his' team is a liability rather than an asset in his books.


Phil Twyford spent frustrating years in a long search for the electorate seat he craved as a safety net that subsequent results have proved to be badly needed.

The moron who single handedly removed almost all the goodwill and support Labour enjoyed in the heady days of H1 from the Chinese community in Auckland with his idiotic misuse of Real Estate leaders Barfoot and Thompson raw data in claiming Chinese sounding names were evidence of an Asian invasion. By including names such as Lee, Young, Lowe, Law, Long all with strong links to England where many in my youth were current as surnames with no possible connection to Asian immigration as evidence, he made a serious effort to base changing his surname to Twatford.

This morning on Hosking he used as evidence  his "housing crisis" needing a "state of emergency" as a solution, he used as examples Auckland, Tauranga and Taupo.
Here is the news you vacuous moron, they are all candidates for nomination as places where people wanting affordable accommodation to strike from any list as a pragmatic first step.
Think Gisborne, Masterton, Mataura, Gore, Oamaru, they are towns where the rapidly growing provincial economy needs workers and have lower cost housing.
Of course his people might have to get off the drugs and actually want a job.

Sunday, August 28, 2016


More like writhing half dead on the roadside after an encounter with a logging truck.

Twice  in eight days the All Blacks have eased up as there was nothing further to be gained from high risk effort.
ABs ten points, Pumas and Boks five points and Wallabies 0 after two rounds

Skynews desk jockys across the ditch are making out Owen Franks should be shot tomorrow morning for the only lawful method of impeding an opposition forward advancing through a Maul and Franks  has rightly IMHO been subsequently cleared by the Sanzar Citing Commissioner who has access to a whole lot more image data.

Meanwhile 'Checkout', the 'Woellaby' coach attempted to counter the emergence of a dominant AB team with skills and commitment,  the Aptly clothed dummies have perfected,  mouthing off, playing the offside laws, killing quick ball and trying to get a reaction from players such as Dane Coles with a prior rep for retaliation.
In selecting the lock who replaced the only lineout option Robb Simmonds,   second test newbie Adam Coleman who seemed to be in considerable anger from the get go such a strategy was so bleeding obvious.  An attitude from Coleman, certainly not Coolman, has me wondering if Kieran Read had slammed a door on his hand earlier under the grandstand. His clear attempt to take Ben Smith out with a late shoulder charge, was worthy of some disgruntled reaction from the affronted swarming around Franks at least as an equal opportunity in the aftermath of the latest chapter in the possible demise of Rugby Australia.

Australian Rugby has since forever been the unwanted if somewhat spoilt child of winter ball games in the West Island, behind the Aussie Rules of Victoria, SA and WA with some extension teams now on the East coast, and the dominating game of that area, League that now has a team based in Melbourne. Add in a very rapidly growing football code and it is clear that the wide base rugby enjoys here in NZ, is a non event over there.
Go back more than half a century and Queensland was a rugby backwater that survived on New Zealand expats and NSW players looking to hit the big time.
Recent ARU Head Office machinations have made giant steps backwards and the "Giteau" rule has made it a chasm of failure  that is not good for the game. Their history is littered with ex League players wanting to escape the grinding physical demands weekly scheduled by the ARL with only Israel Folau currently anything resembling success and that is only around the high ball and kick return, his default reactions after that rarely reach the fast passing and backing up that is at the core of current AB game plans.
Would it have been too radical to have poured the dosh that went into the Rebels and the Force to have established a comprehensive base program to develop the game at grass roots and academy levels.
The ACT  virtually a city state  with a population far less than any NZ franchise has carved out a credible super franchise success using talent attending the Federal Sports development system, plus players from the two power house states seeking to find greater exposure. So many of those  "greats" Mortlock,  Gregan, and most recent and cutting Clyde Rathbone are with others now left lamenting a lengthening losing streak by the men in Yellow who are clearly adding significantly to "Checkout's" now somewhat laughable ennobling last year as "coach of the year".  They are merely stating the bleeding obvious amongst that growing list of graduates.
Bill Pulver should Pulver his head out of the sand or even somewhere less sanitary and seek a new job, this problem aint cyclical it is systemic with inevitability looming large.

Argentine rugby has made significant advances in spite of  latent domestic pressure from the "don't pick it up unless you are Diego Maradonna" game. The Pumas narrow win over the Springboks this morning was evidence, however there also, is a once formidable foe that has befallen woe from the political upheavals that followed the demise of Apartheid. After the breakup of white rule it had a potential source of talent as non whites took up the game but dopey Pollies trying to manage skills and numbers by way of 'quota' while ignoring ability, has their game in crisis, albeit less disastrous than yellow but potentially equally destructive.
 In Argentina this morning a raw talent at Number Seven for the once feared Boks seemed to resort all too often to strangulation as a means of subjugation. Many times taking a Puma high to prevent offload then slipping into a choker hold that was so fashionable in wrestling once upon a time.

Suggestions abounding that All Black supremacy is going to kill the game is utter rubbish, did the Chicago Bulls , The New York Yankies, Manchester United, Real Madrid or Barcelona have such a result or does excellence in a dominant team bring pressure to improve in others.
Remind me again how did our once totally dominant Men's Sevens team go on the elevation of that game to Olympic status.


Rank-Jurgen Weise, Head of Germany's Migration Office, has said he expects 300,000 refugees to arrive in Germany by the end of this year ... somewhat down on the million plus that stormed across their porous borders in 2015.

Lets put that into some perspective.   Germany's population is approximately 17 times that of New Zealand.     On a proportionate basis that is equivalent to us having to absorb 17,600 refugees.   There is no way New Zealand could cope with those numbers and even the 'nutty' Greens realize this.   Their response to the recent announcement by government increasing our annual refugee intake by 250 to 1,000 (the first such increase in 25 years) was to call for it to be increased by a further 1,000 to 2,000.  

When you lose control of your borders you lose control of your future and Merkel has done that in spades.   There will be a reckoning and with the Federal election looming next year ... the bell tolls for thee, Ms Merkel.

Buggers For Rugger

Looking bag over the Bledisloe debacle, it doesn't take much to join the dots.

The ABs discovered a live bug in their hotel and kept quiet about it for a few days.

Shortly thereafter the Ockers suffered an epic defeat.

One has to conclude those wiley All Blacks fed the dumbarse Ockers a load of bull through their own bug, thus allowing them to prepare for a non existent game plan.

Of one thing you can be sure.  Despite vehement Australian denials, it sure as hell wasn't the Alaskan Tiddlywinks Team which planted the bug.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Famous Last Words

.....of a dying coach.

"They'll be no good without McCaw and Carter."


A couple of days ago Fintel e-mailed me the renewal notice for my car insurance .... just a 'modest' 28.3% increase on what I paid last year and I'm claim free, except for windscreen damage which doesn't count.   Didn't read right.

Thought I would check with AA Insurance for a comparative quote and was delighted when they offered to write me a new policy on the same terms as my Fintel policy for $202 less.

Went back to Tower (Fintel's parent company) which has all my other insurance (house/contents) and said 'what gives'.    Spoke to a very nice lady who, after taking all the details, put me on hold and said she would be back shortly.   4 minutes and she was.   Upshot ... Tower could write me a policy on exactly the same terms as I had with Fintel for (wait for it) $145 less than I paid the year before which was a massive $337 down on what Fintel was trying to sting me for this time round.

Ok, I know having all your policies with one insurer attracts a discount but I had been assured by Fintel that I was receiving the discount through their association with Tower.

Fintel's lost a customer and I guess they're still wondering why.   Not bothering to tell them but you now know.


Friday, August 26, 2016

Dietary Advice

The Cook's brother in law this week attended a dinner to commemorate the establishment of his local footy club - a county club up on the Murray river.

There was a photo of the inaugural 1966 team, of which he was a member.

Of all the players, remarkably, only three were absent due to their having kicked their last full pointers.

It occurs to Adolf that, over the ensuing fifty years, the remaining fifteen players each would have imbibed some 5,000 litres of red wine, 2,500 litres of port, 10,000 litres of beer and consumed at least 2,500 kg of rump steak, 15,000 eggs and 2,500 meat pies.

It helps to have lived in a country where you can get a triple bypass at the drop of a hat and not have to pay for it.


 Westpac Bank hangs on in Fairlie, Ranfurly and another 15 areas as ANZ, BNZ, CBA trading here as ASB and the benefit clearing outfit known as Kiwibank are long gone or never turned up, all escape the negativity and bank bashing from a moronic media and the residents who should know better.

Yes there will be some "victims" but why should the shareholders and staff of the last bank standing be pilloried for their management taking the only economically sensible decision, one that probably could have been taken decades ago.

Instead of the sight of school pupils "Marching" in protest how much more beneficial to their development to have a study on the simple reasons why many so called customers having a relationship with the Fairlie Westpac bank that has scant personal visits to the place that costs an arm and a leg to manage and staff,  makes remaining open a stupid and economically destructive decision.
Of course that would need teachers to have a minimal understanding as to how the real world works, possibly not a goer for the third sex. Far easier to give the last banking corporate standing a good kicking as a capitalist greed inspired entity that has no empathy for struggle street.

I have an account with BNZ, the only Bank within some seventy Kms here in Paradise but my main contact with the big four, is ANZ in the city. That in itself is rather ironical in that after a relationship of over thirty years with ANZ when insolvency was never far from reality on far too many occasions and indeed when the Douglas reforms had us technically bankrupt, we staged a recovery by off farm employment that rapidly restored our fortunes, requiring a review of our relationship. Appointment made and kept only the moronic account manager, who had not yet worked out that being sent to Masterton was the broadest hint that he was hopeless, was late and in fact not yet back from a long lunch. We waited until some 27 minutes passed and the moron came into reception, totally ignored our presence, picked up his messages and went into his "Office" leaving the door open. He then proceeded to answer the most pressing message in his estimation and argued with his missus about dinner, then another phonecall at which point we got up and left  a very embarrassed receptionist alone. Long story short went to the then National Bank where a snooker playing club mate was in the chair and asked if another doubtful client history could be added to his list and ten minutes later went out with a temporary Check Book and an assurance all would be completed forthwith. Five days later when the ATM indicated all had not happened, a phonecall to mate had his illuminating reply, we should spare a thought, we were one of five who had made the same move 'that day'.

A letter to John later Sir John Anderson saw said moron moved to an even clearer hint he was dogtucker and a great relationship with the Barclays subsidiary ensued only to have the mortification of their being swallowed by ANZ, however  we have avoided contact with the moron, maybe he finally found his niche as a breast feeder of a shovel or a lollypop operator.

When "Z" departed Akaroa it seemed to be rather a slap in the face particularly when we see endless adverts on TV what great corporate citizens they  would wish to be seen as but following their departure Paradise is better served, Nelson Petroleum Distributors who alongside Brian Little can deliver fuel at city prices and offer a gold card discount to boot.
It may seem a bad decision Fairlie but it is progress so suck it up and find a way around it,  your protest is being very unfair to Westpac while you ignore all the other providers who either left years ago or never came to your aid ever. Do you miss the maternity home, the railway,  the flour mill, the night cart, I could elaborate.
Fairlie though has one of the very best PIE SHOPS, situated on the service lane east side of Hwy 8 south of the Junction with Hwy 79.


that the nice Mr Trump doesn't need with last latest RCP poll showing him 6 points behind Clinton at 47.7 to 41.7.

This one here detailing his endorsement by Rocky Suhayda, Chairman of the American Nazi Party, and a second here by the Imperial Wizard of the Rebel Brigade Knights of the Ku Klux Klan.

Interesting the Suhayda also claims leadership of the Livonia Chapter of the Ku Klux Klan.

To be fair to Trump and he has no control over 'nutter' groups who, in endorsing him, may be seeking to gain leverage from associating themselves with him.

Friday's Fulminations

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Thursday, August 25, 2016


I was happily sipping a very cold Fiji Bitter by the pool at the Westin last Friday when I decided to take a quick look at whatever 'Friday Fulminations' had to offer.

First up was a post by David calling on Vietnam veterans to stop whinging because the Vietnamese government had called time out on a range of activities proposed for an estimated 1,000 Oz and Kiwi veterans who had made the journey to Vietnam to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the battle of Long Tan.   My good friend Adolf took issue with the post.

This is one of the few occasions where Adolf and I will have to agree to disagree.

But my real anger is directed at whoever organised the event.   Did they not consider for a moment how ordinary Vietnamese (let alone the government) might view those sort of numbers of Uc Dai Loy and quan dao Tan tay lun descending on 'their' country to commemorate a battle where 42 members of 1st Australian Task Force were either killed or wounded against an estimated 595 from the VC 5th Infantry Division killed/wounded (and 3 captured).     Ok, I understand that the organizers had invited some of our Vietnamese adversaries to share in commemorations (which included a concert and a 'gala' dinner) but that really is beside the point.    It was crass, insensitive and a down-under version of Eugene Burdick and William Lederer's Ugly American in play in spades.

I have been to the Long Tan battle site.   It's off the beaten track in the middle of a rubber plantation and you have to cross private land.   It would be nigh on impossible to accommodate 1,000 all at once.   I still have the receipt for 250,000 Dong I paid the local communist party office for a guide to take me there.    He stood aside to allow me to pay my respects but 'no photographs please'.   You have to respect that.   How were the 'organisers' to manage 1,000?

The whole thing was a debacle and poorly thought out by people who forgot that those attending were the guests who may have won a battle (if you win battles) but lost a war in someone else's country.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Never has so much been expended on a non event.

The people of Havelock have, with a village mentality, been seeing themselves as something that are not and never will be. Somehow better than the those who live just up Havelock Road in Hastings and infinitely better than the people of Flaxmere. As demonstrated so vividly they were all at risk in Hastings urban area when their shared water supply became toxic.

That "village mentality" has over many years resisted a simple chlorination system that would have prevented the sad outcomes from a contaminated water supply that has had thousands wishing they had never discovered Campylobacter was not the neighbours cat.

My spies have told me there is now a "security guard" standing in the open land where the bores are situated, no mention of any back up should that erstwhile person have a sudden call of nature and lets understand,  those with a working knowledge of the epidemic under discussion will confirm, the ravages of gastro intestinal can have a very short time lapse between urge and expulsion when campylobacter is around.

A drilled Bore water supply has a very obvious and unpreventable ability to suffer contamination. While the liner can deliver water as pure as the underground aquifer can sustain, it is very difficult to prevent surface water finding its level by travelling down the outer surface of the well liner to that reservoir and should that free water become contaminated, then the stage is set for a disaster. Inland from Hastings/Havelock and Flaxmere,  other urbanised settlements have some rustic effluent systems that could be in the gun

Add in the fact that almost all citizens now have a relatively secure water supply, leading to precious little protection in the ability for almost all citizens to thwart an inevitable biological assault.
Back in the day many rural dwellers had a water supply that today would have medical officers of health in conniptions.

Water races were an affordable and efficient system of providing water to stock and houses across many acres of this country and are still to be seen as a line across hillsides and many roads followed such races as boundaries in the evolution from runs/stations to farms and small holdings.
In my childhood on the Northern Amuri plains a very small flow creek with  reliable summer base flow had been harnessed with a weir to divert its flow into an open race that served our farm and five others for stock and all took their house water from that water race system, a concept repeated in hundreds of other areas throughout the developing nation. In our case about a kilometre up race from our house a two inch galvanised pipe took water from that race and delivered it to two four hundred gallon tanks at the back door where natural settling was the  purifying part of the system. It was not unusual particularly in high summer to have a cow walking up the race above the "intake" grazing the lush growth on the banks while passing  waste from either orifice or worse, a deceased animal, bovine, ovine or merely a pest such as rabbit, hare, possum, or bird that had expired in the waterway.

Since leaving home and living rural for all but a couple of years out of over fifty when we resided in the old Akaroa borough with its heavily chlorinated open creek sourced water,  swmbo and self have lived entirely dependent on Rainwater collected  from the roof of our habitation, currently with the advanced protection that only birds can access the collection areas, the other nod to progress has an inline cartridge filter  to a tap on the kitchen bench for drinking water, that said we still brush teeth with unfiltered water. Yes we are at risk but it is measured and accepted risk, while the nearby city of the dammed is playing Russian roulette with its assumed water supply safety and yet that has nearly 400 000 souls who could be at risk of what Havelock has and still endures in a biological contamination event because they decline to adopt chlorination.

The prime suspect in this recent "headline news"  story that has an ignorant and non-inquiring MSM so occupied is IMEHO the recent weather event that delivered above average precipitation and power outages in sync.
Anyone with a minor understanding of modern water supply and effluent management becoming seriously compromised with the thousands suffering,  evidence  exhibit "A".
One Hastings District person who lives rural as we  have for decades, suffered numerous barbs and ridicule because she took water from home to work only to have karma enter stage left and strike her tormentor down with the dreaded lurgy.
That exposes another false rumour with the rubbish that a reused "water bottle" can be contaminated to the degree of a toilet seat, of course possible, yes, but likely not with basic hygiene and washing procedures, then again not difficult to unearth some who will be exponents of such rumour being proved true.  More than one anecdotal tale of woe from sufferers who having overindulged taking the age old cure next morning with copious water taken aboard to reduce the dehydration effects with disastrous results.

A safe water supply is a given in NZ today but with reduced tolerance of many nasties just waiting to pounce it seems rather stupid and ignorant for any supply authority to ignore a proven, logical affordable water treatment such as basic chlorination provides. I am left wondering just how many water bottling enterprises start with chlorinated water and remove the chemical with filtering to then label their product as "spring water" or some other name suggesting 100% pure.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

They Ran Away

I don't often link to other blogs but this story is unlikely to make it either in the 'shabby little tabloid' or on gummint funded junk TV.

Don Brash ventured out to Glendene the other day to give a hand to local body canditate David Rankin.  A TVN news crew was in attendance, two cameramen and a reporter.

Out of a car stepped a 'P' inflamed fellow, waving a sword in one hand and dragging a child along with the other.  Brash and Rankin remonstrated with the an and eventually persuaded him to calm down, whereupon he did so, driving away shortly to be arrested.

What a fanatastic story for the six o'clock news.  It has everything. Senior ex politician, up and coming Maori leader, violence, pathos - the lot.

But you won't see it because, at the first sign of danger, the intrepid reporters literally ran away.  Not only did they run away, they locked themselves in their car.It is not know what they did in the car.  Did they feverishly recite passages from the Bible or the Koran?  Did they mumble what they could remember of The Lord's Prayer?

One thing they didn't do was do their bloody jobs,

Monday, August 22, 2016


I note King Tuku through his spokesman Tuheietia  is taking up the moronic latest appeasement effort as a day to "remember (the) Maori Wars".
Will it include the murderous "affrays" that occurred when  Te Rauparaha after several slaughterings of various Maori in his aim of cornering the Jade market,  centered on the South Island West Coast and towards a final bloody murder of white settlers in the Wairau Valley north of Blenheim, originally referred to as a Massacre then down graded to an affray and today is merely an incident, mind you the still dead white settlers might have considered the original term to be more accurate as 29 dead is not to be taken lightly. Then again the Pike River explosion that is widely described as a "Disaster" may in future be down graded to incident, it will depend on who is writing about it I guess.

Is it time that Cullodden, Bannockburn, Glencoe  were all re-addressed and perhaps given a new descriptive.

Just what New Zealand needs as the ToW continues to be the basis for a racial division of our nation into paying serfs and entitled racially created elites living high on the hog with underwear that costs more per pair than what a struggling family spends at the grocer on a weeks food after tax on the income and before the Tax on those groceries.

Another ever paler "Brown Holiday" where the luvvies will riot and create additional mayhem for our police.

Boil your drinking water Hamilton, The Palace is very near, the contamination risk just moved to "code red".

Sunday, August 21, 2016

From PC Australia

In the latest hysterical demonstration of political correctness, the AFL has banned a female spectator who threw a banana at a group of players which happened to include a 'star' who apparently is aboriginal.  I say 'apparently' because this fellow looks to me to be about one thirty tooth blackfeller and 31 thirty tooths white feller.

It remains unconfirmed whether the lady in question shouted 'Allahu Akbar' or 'Nicy ncky nanna, Black faced banana'

One wonders if there would have been such a fuss if all the players had been whitefellers.


The Ockers didn't arrive at the ground until five minutes before full time.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Celebrating Graceless Losers

Here's another reason why I'm really not terribly interested in these Olympics.

After days and days of gungho predictions for gold by the yard, I'm now bombarded with headlines making excuses for a nation of losers.  Here's today's ration.

Silver for "Gutted" Jared Tallent.

He failed to finish in first place.  Maybe he just didn't have enough talent.

The Clark Cullen Playbook

Apparently Malcolm Turnbull and his hapless henchmen are relying on growth in the Australian economy to solve their deficit crisis, or so they say..  Of course that is the socialist's way of avoiding taking stern measures which actually will repair the economy but will upset some voters.

Trouble is, there's no growth.  Now comes the news saner people will dread.   

Employment surge comes at expense of taxpayers

Rampant growth in public-sector jobs and wages is exacerbating the nation’s debt and deficit woes and stoking concern among business leaders about continued government borrowing to pay wages bills.
An analysis of jobs data by The Weekend Australian shows that the rapid expansion in public-­sector employment and wages comes as workers in the private sector face increased job insecurity and record-low salary rises.

Most of Australia's current anaemic GDP growth has come from expansion of the public service.  Does that sound alarmingly familiar to New Zealanders?  Remember how Clark and Cullen fudged the figures?  They drove the productive sector into recession but hid that from the public by boosting GDP through expansion of the public service

Welcome to recession, Australia.

Was there a Gold medal or a demonstration sport only.

A British television presenter was interrupted during a live broadcast by two people apparently having sex behind him on   Copacabana Beach in Rio.

Not sure, 'interruption' was the case the presenter upon being made aware suggested they were having a cuddle and one had adopted a rather unusual position to read a book.
Good old Beeb

Friday, August 19, 2016

Friday's Fulminations

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Thursday, August 18, 2016


While so many ill-informed dumbarses in what passes for the MSM daily pimp a stream of hard luck stories of people earning good dosh, many returning from a lucrative and rewarding off shore arena, wanting to start their property ladder effort with a nice home in a nice burb with everything laid on,  Stuff has a fairy tale of a couple not yet mid twenties looking to buy a third house.

A 'mechanic' and an 'administration worker' who admit they are "careful" with their money bought an ex state house for $220 000 three years ago when they were 21 and 19 after sharing accommodation with friends to save on rent costs while accumulating the necessary deposit to buy.

Clearly no gap year nonsense, multiple coffees, dining out, concerts, holidays to exotic locations, in fact a life style that almost all my peers  lived as we made our way in what so many nowadays wax lyrical as to how we had it so good.

OK so this wonder couple are getting off their bums in Nelson but what a wonderful effort.
It is entirely possible when they reach the age of many of the whining that are being pimped this couple will go to Auckland having cashed up their portfolio in Nelson and do even better in the City of Sails while the pimped whiners are still renting a bloody garage, owning nothing while sitting at a table of a Ponsonby Café delivering yet another tale of ''woe is me" to a repeater from State TV

Wednesday, August 17, 2016


 Hot on the heels of an appalling scurrilous attack on the independence and true function of the Statistics Department Head by the one Member with notionally the greatest credentials and opportunity to know better, a certain Rainbow flag bearer who has worked at the heart of the too often maligned and independent public service, the ineptitude of the NZLP continues as it abrogates its statutory function.

Robbo should and does know better that a suggestion  the Statistics dept has on instruction from the government massaged the House Hold Labour force survey figures  is without foundation and totally at odds with the reality.
On the suggestion that reading face book, trade me or any other digital platform could be construed as seeking a job has about as much relevance as accusing a reader of comics being an accessory to murder.
Only a total moron would think such rubbish.

Then to cap another day of incompetence, Little Chrissy from the Hutt Valley hinterland attempted to smash what was a rather cynical use of private Members Bills process by Nuk Korako on advertising lost luggage, with a poorly worded effort that New Boy Korako swatted away with ease.
The Ginga then opened his puny self to a grenade attack intended to hit Nuk but it  exploded in his hand when after his second question had to be repeated due to the derision it deserved not allowing Korako to hear it  and the pathetic wee chap could not remember what he had asked in his supplementary. After Mr Speaker got him back on track he was then buried by  Korako who reminded the House that an extremely unlucky Minister, Clayton Cosgrove had managed to lose three separate Luggage lots and maybe the process suggested in the bill might have been of assistance to a sufferer of such appalling luck.

While there might be some merit in accusing Korako's use of the Private members bill process as cynical tactics but Chrissy's inept use of the little used questions to "Members"  that caused such embarrassing self harm was supreme irony indeed.