Sunday, March 18, 2018

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South Australia election result: Liberals, Marshall win power from Labor

Saturday, March 17, 2018


Would the Young Labour cluster have fallen foul of liquor supply laws?  Sexual assault looks potentially open and shut unless being a committed socialist gives immunity.
Will  the complex and its owners/operators/managers have some problems around supply of liquor to minors?
Is "Dr" Liz Craig really a doctor when contrasted  to, say Dr Meg Woods?
Why did Ms Craig not qualify as a "Senior Party person" in attendance? (she is according to Wiki around 50 years old) and in one image posted, seen  enjoying a bit of active participation holding a green  bottle while seated two seats away from  Doc Sarb Johal.  Must have been just before she got the urge to go to bed only meters away from a raucous drinking session that allegedly resulted in much vomiting and random acts of casting the offensives. Even to the quoted extent some of the attendees could not attend the Sunday morning ongoing indoctrination sessions.
Ms Craig  looked decidedly awake in the image (sans  time evidence) as published. That said she did apparently have "an early flight".
How long can Barely Sober and his fellow travelers in  the Media Party continue to dance on a pin head?
Does any thinking person not see probable cause in Ms Ardern's refusal to be interviewed by Hosking on his breakfast slot just prior to the storm hitting, unless topics were limited around the fairydust sprinkling taxpayer funded pacific jaunt?  Maybe explicable at the time,  she was on the PI junket but now appearing decidedly dodgy in light of the "denial of any knowledge"  of the still emerging cluster.
How was the apparent copious liquor availability 1 Paid for? 2 accessed? and 3 monitored?
Are the in situ  complex managers in anyway connected to the Party,  choose whether that refers to The NZLP or the actual  disturbing activities purported to have occurred, referenced by some as a "party".
Did the Summer Camp Participants pay a registration fee or did the totally uninvolved,  LoL,  NZLP  hierarchy have a greater involvement than acknowledged so far?
Is Tess McIntyre the suggested 'young labour' Person in the hot seat, someone of note or just an itinerant Possum who disappeared the moment the headlights cast illumination.
Did  the alleged, orientation confused 20 year old, have any historical links to the NZLP or its membership, we only are told he is not connected 'now'. If that is correct how and why was he even present, or could any backpacker looking for a 'dump station' just wander in and think it was too good to pass up.
How many  other 'non' NZLP members attended either as facilitators, speakers or registered  gullibles.
What does Kirton have that gets him into witless protection so expeditiously.
Dr Sarb Johal has a web page that includes "disaster mental health" as a specialty-  now is that appropriate eh?
 So Hosking, Garner, Williams, Leighton Smith all from "The Wireless" have asked some questions, is there nobody in the Print Media or Tv blessed with sufficient curiosity to make the effort because it is certain relying on a "Ministerial press release" aint gunna do it.
National are correct in keeping stumm, was it or maybe not, Napoleon who was said to "never interfere when the enemy is destroying itself".

I understand problems with prison overcrowding but is "witness protection" finding space harder to access?

ps Should the VUW students march to the HQ of the Nasty Law firm in Wellywood have gone on to Frazer House? it was only another 15 minutes and one might think a tad more current?
Then using think and student in one sentence a bit------, oxymoronic maybe.


From the newswires ... 8.14 pm yesterday.      In a case reminiscent of a Kafka novel, a Romanian court has ruled that a 63-year-old man is dead despite what would appear to be convincing evidence to the contrary: the man himself appearing alive and well in court.

Constantin Reliu asked the court in the town of Barlad to overturn a death certificate obtained by his wife after he had spent more than a decade in Turkey, during which time he was out of contact with his family. The court told him he was too late, and would have to remain officially deceased.

“I am officially dead, although I’m alive,” a bemused Reliu told local media outlets. “I have no income and because I am listed dead, I can’t do anything.”

A spokeswoman for the court explained to local news outlets that Reliu had been too late with his appeal against the death certificate and had thus lost the case. The ruling is apparently final and cannot be appealed against, leaving Reliu in legal limbo.


I will be watching the result of the South Australia State election with some interest both as a 'renegade' Australian and someone whose ancestor, William Butterfield, was the architect for Adelaide's St Peter's Cathedral.

The House of Assembly consists of only 47 seats so a Party needs just 24 seats in order to govern alone.   Now Adolf and/or David will no doubt correct me if I'm wrong but Sky News Australia was reporting this morning that a record 300,000 voters (about 25% of electors) had lodged early ballots but that they wouldn't be counted until Monday.    That would render the Saturday night result pretty meaningless in the 17 seats classified as marginal.   

Just why the early ballot can't be counted on the day quite escapes me.   They're a weird mob over there.

Mind you many Australians argue that South Australians and Tasmanians don't matter anyway.

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Friday, March 16, 2018


Not much more to be said on the Labour Party Youth Camp debacle except to say the meme being pushed by Party apologists that the camp was only "vaguely" connected with the Labour Party has been blown well and truly out of the water with the admission by PM Minister Ardern and Party President Haworth that 'they' took full responsibility for what happened and that 'they' had failed in 'their' duty of care to provide a safe environment for those attending the event.    For f******e ... there was even a Labour Party MP sleeping over in the camp on that night.

And now there are reports of at least two more incidents at Labour Party events.    I do think however that David Farrar over at Kiwiblog injects a degree of realism into the discussion.   Young people and free access to alcohol coupled with a lack of supervision is an explosive mix ... shit happens.     But that aside ... it's the apparent and clumsy attempt to coverup the sexual assault that is more concerning.   Nuff said.

Then we had our Deputy Head of Mission in Washington and her entirely inappropriate and explosive tweet attacking the Trump administration ... for Noel ... are your sources still telling you that NZL is going to get an exemption from the tariffs to be imposed on our steel and aluminum exports to the US? ... methinks that just got a whole lot harder.

And now Mr 'Medals' Mark busted for diverting RNZAF assets, including NH-90 helicopters, to act as his Uber taxi service.    Is this the same Ron Mark who, in a press release issued on 21 April 2017, described the NH-90 as "unreliable gas guzzlers"?.     Mark has access to both Crown limo's and self drive cars both of which cost considerably less than the $19.70/minute operational cost of the NH-90 (operational cost excludes depreciation and the capital charge).   All this at a time when the Finance Minister is signalling the defence budget is being closely scrutinised ... code word for cut.  Seems Ethnic Communities Minister Jenny Salesa has a rival for the title of Minister for Extravagance.

But all this is overshadowed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and his going off the reservation in his attempt to curry favour with the Russians over his long promoted free-trade deal with that country.   In doing so he has been rightly labelled as Putin's poodle.    First there was that extraordinary interview where he dismissed Russian involvement in the shooting down of MH-17 saying there was no evidence of 'their' wrong doings.   This despite the fact that the Dutch investigation showed the downed aircraft embedded with fragments from a Russian Buk missile; that the missile launcher itself was tracked that day moving from Russia into pro-Russian controlled rebel territory in the Ukraine and then back into Russia after the missile was fired and that the Russians vetoed a UN Security Council resolution to prosecute those responsible for the criminal act.

Then Peters goes so far as to equate Russian human rights excesses as comparable with the  Australian decision to deport NZL citizens convicted of serious criminal offending in Australia back to NZL and now New Zealand stands isolated from the UK, France, Germany and the US in its failure to condemn in the strongest possible terms the use of nerve agents by the Russians to silence Russian double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in the UK just a few days ago.     The joint declaration called the attack "the first offensive use of a nerve agent in Europe since the second world war" and that "there is no plausible alternative explanation to Russian involvement".

Peters has sandbagged himself into a corner.   He has wined and dined himself too much at the expense of those from 57 Messines Road, Karori and is now beholden to them.   He truly is Putin's poodle.  And the real sad thing is that St Jacinda can't do a thing about it ... he is the power behind the throne; call him back into line and the coalition is a busted flush.   Peters is a law unto himself ... always has been ... always will be.   Labour knew what they were getting and got what they deserved.

The weak from hell for Labour just keeps keeping on.


So a twenty something who was at the "summer camp" is alleged to have put his hands into the pants of two females and two males and is now declared not to be a member of the NZLP.

Sir Michael Cullen has now signalled his many dreams on how he will recommend ways for his fellow socialists to invade the pants of any one who might have a dollar in their pockets.
Wealth tax, capital gains tax, sugar tax, alcohol tax, fat tax, fuel tax, payroll tax transaction tax, death tax, land tax, dividend tax, congestion tax, the list is endless.
Makes Disney's "Scrooge" wallowing in his vault of money not so humorous.

Now wannabe Aus Prime Minister has floated an awful assault on savings with a dividend tax on shares.
One significant knowledge gap for those on the left with no conceptual understanding of how the capitalist system has delivered such largess across the globe is exposed repeatedly with total disconnect on how wealth must be created before it can be redistributed.
A recent published graph was a clear revelation of the gulf of difference between poverty levels c1800 and today. Yes there are some fabulously rich out there, some inherited but most created by technology, music, sport, stage, screen and a few by smart investing and hard work.
Socialist theorists who have embarked on a learning curve dominated by political study just never appear to get any connect between wealth creation and state largess.
That leads to endless slaughter of geese laying golden eggs and 'Shortonbrains' is just the next taxi to depart the station for another "open season".

Hint to Willy, the company that delivered the dividends that you see as a seventy billion opportunity, paid tax on the profits, the company workers from apprentice to CEO paid tax on their wages, the company and its staff all paid consumption taxes and there is a growing need for citizens to fund their retirement as the welfare ideology is in self destruct mode.

Here is a radical idea,  cease with the bribes, churn and feel good largesse,  cut the spending, did you miss how things took off when Mr Trump cut taxes. Pity is that Pollies seem unable to resist the allure of spending OPMs in a misguided notion they are doing good  work or much more accurately merely polishing their already  shiney  and ample arses.

Thursday, March 15, 2018


As a classic failure in political management, the incident at the Young Labour summer camp near Wahi might have some residual  value as a resource in advancement of knowledge where the cover up can turn a manageable situation into a cluster.

It was not a third rate burglary of the Democratic Party offices in the Watergate Complex that sank Nixon to a point where resignation and a pardon from his successor Gerald Ford became the only option, it was the paranoid bungled attempts to avoid any provable Oval Office involvement.

With Nixon's Re-election committee chairman, ex  Attorney General John Mitchell no longer a member of the executive and more middle men including Hard man Gordon Liddey who was able to demonstrate his level of staunch by holding his hand over a flame until his flesh burned, there was a very long shot to link Nixon to the break in. However his close advisers including Chief of staff Haldeman and Senior Whitehouse counsel Earlichman went into full coverup mode and eventually it all unravelled leading to Nixon's resignation and gaol time for most of his closest advisers.
A massive factor in the unravelling came with an FBI leaker dubbed "Deep Throat", in reality Mark Felt who fed vital  info to Bernstein and Woodward from Katherine Graham's Washington Post investigation.
Was that in fact the onset of politicisation of the FBI.
The Prime Minister is being seriously let down by her Party apparatchiks and with her increasing tarnished image as an open and honest leader emerging in greater revelations  with each day that passes, she does not need any more manure dumped on the front lawn of her McMansion, being pregnant and all

The events of yesterday that saw Party President Haworth and the PM refusing to clean house with an Inquiry to be conducted by  friendly Wellington Lawyer Maria Berryman leading the interior decoration team charged with the refurbishment.

One of the face saving ploys to be instituted in addition to a temporary cessation of such youth indoctrination events will have  a  senior Party official in charge in any future efforts  ???

50 year old Liz Craig MP, Invercargil based list member, a public health expert, was not sufficiently senior???

Richard Worth was gone and very few know what he was actually supposed to have done.
Aarron Gilmore similarly gone quick smart for a drink fuelled faux pa.
Gilmores replacement Claudette Hauiti gone by lunch time.

Coffey,  Craig, Ardern, Warren-Clark all MPs addressed the gathering with Coffey and Craig in starring roles in images  on the interwebby.

Frazer House and the Ninth Floor will need some bigly rugs and more brooms.

Jonesy has got it sussed.

Shane Jones is on to it. He has now worked out that to plant 100million trees you have to have seedlings and has given taxpayers money to a Bay Of Plenty nursery so that they can grow seedlings for his - never going to happen - project.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018


I'm on record as saying American voters were presented with a poisoned chalice in their choice of a Republican or Democrat for President in 2016.   I still hold to that view.

But our diplomats abroad need to be able to advocate for our country at the top levels of whatever administration is in power.   They must be seen as bi-partisan.

It is hugely disappointing that Caroline Beresford, the Deputy Head of Mission at our Washington Embassy, should have taken it upon herself to tweet 'urging the Democrats to get their s**t together for 2020 or else we'll all die'.    She may think that but she can't say that.   It was totally unprofessional and in doing so she has made herself persona-non-grata with the Trump administration.   She cannot now effectively advocate for New Zealand.   She must be returned home to serve penance before taking up another position abroad ... did I hear High Commissioner to Niue?

Sadly it appears our Foreign Minister appears disinclined to so act or is it a case of the MFAT mandarins rallying round in support of one of their own?

Most of us who have been privileged to have held a red (diplomatic) passport understand completely the protocols to be observed ... clearly and unfortunately it appears Ms Beresford didn't.



The classic ploy used by pedophiles since for ever to attempt to hide the appalling degrading events that would be catastrophic for the perpetrator if exposed to sunlight.

A group of young labour attending a "summer camp" would naturally have most,  if not all,  with the same dewy eyed hopes as young rugby mad kids have in aspiring to become All Blacks, a dream of becoming a person of note in the NZLP tribe.
How likely then that a cover-up could succeed for over a month, even a retard might just work out that making a fuss could be the end of any personal political aspirations however unlikely in reality.

An oft quoted maxim that a cover up will always become a graver problem than the original offence.

It is almost embarrassing to compare and contrast the MSM behaviours over Key pulling a waitress' ponytail in an ill advised act of stupid, or Phill Twyford's staffer who stole thousands of dollars while having access to the Now Minister's credit cards with 'campgate'
The bigly Law firm Russell McVeigh had contretemps over harassment of interns widely panned leading to calls for banning the prestigious firm from Universities and a review of the entire intern system, yet the NZLP is seen by too many otherwise smart people as somehow exempt from  sanction over this latest exposure of serious criminal offending way beyond mere harassment.
An oft claimed qualifier is "NO ONE MADE A COMPLAINT TO POLICE". What utter bovine excrement, Police do not need a complaint, they only need to become "AWARE" that a criminal offence 'has' occurred. That said it may also need some cojones to risk what sadly has become a hierarchy too amenable to being subject to political considerations in such sensitive matters.

Three 16 year olds and a fourth still not yet 16 were allegedly assaulted by a 20 year old male when he groped the alcohol exposed young people by reaching into their underwear, at a minimum that seems plenty of cause to at least make some inquiries. An event that had a parade of socialist elites attending to impart their views on socialist theory could be intoxicating enough for most starry eyed acolytes, yet it is alleged that some serious alcohol supplies were present and that alone might just require some questions to be addressed by Mr Plod,  quite apart from the clear and still not denied sexual offences

The secret is now shared by too many one month later,  new wall paper or a coat of whitewash is not gunna work.
That the mob managed to avoid serious trouble when Darren Hughes had a naked man running away from his Lodgings in the rooster crowing hours, escape criminal inquiries by a combination of cover up and obfuscation that had suspicions of police collusion might have been achieved under the very controlled Clark regime but under the "Play Center" level rules guiding the current government, it is already a failed contrivance.

"Hello hello hello what have we ere then?
Trev the "muss" might need extra life jackets on hand or will the witless protection program risk a shortage of available beds next Tuesday afternoon?


Newsroom has released a video shot on the night of the incident at the Labour Party Youth Camp which is now the subject of a police investigation.

You can watch it here    Sheesh, if there was any party destined to turn into a clusterf**k (pun intended) this was the one.

It's really time for 'defenders of the faith' to pull their heads in and stop digging.   The incident was bad enough.   The subsequent cover-up and lies worse.

At the very least Andrew Kirkton, General-Secretary of the Labour Party, who orchestrated all of this should resign but dollars to doughnuts he won't because 'they' won't let him ... he knows too much.


While almost all media are skirting around the truly unacceptable cover-up of sexual assault allegations with all the support the compliant MSM can muster, another alcohol fueled disaster from history was shown on the NZLP TV station getting all moist and excited over a toy at Christchurch International Airport.

Meanwhille in the real world Christchurch City Council owned CCHoldings wholly owned subsidiary Lyttleton Port Company is facing a two week total shut down because the Rail and Maritime Union have decided to get rich and dear leader of the Peoples Republic is only  intent on maximising a photo opp over a drone.

The Hub of South Island trade comes to a stop in midstream and a gobsmacked PM was, it is claimed in ignorance of a month long scandal the that her tubby little Troughmaster General  heiress, we are supposed  to believe did not let slip the 'news' to anyone on the ninth floor?

If it was not my country it would be great theatre and a modern day Gilbert and Sullivan could flourish.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

What will Winston do?

Britain has called on New Zealand to take reprisals against Russia if Russia does not provide a credible reply to the nerve gas attempted assassinations.

What will Russia's chief advocate and cheerleader, Winston Peters, do?  After all, he's our foreign minister.

That will be almost as interesting as watching what will happen when Labour MPs are investigated by police for obstructing the course of justice over the summer camp sexual attacks.

On that matter, Labour's rape culture needs addressing badly.

Monday, March 12, 2018


What we know so far ... teenagers attending a Labour Party Summer Youth Camp in the Coromandel; were sexually assaulted by ???????

St Jacinda was blindsided when the matter was raised  at her post cabinet news conference.   Seems Labour Party apparatchiks were determined to cover the matter up.

So much for Labour being concerned about 'our' vulnerable youth.   What about 'their' vulnerable youth?

The BIG question ... why weren't the police informed?

Snowflake to Labour Party HQ ... what line should I take Sir.   Labour Party HQ to Snowflake ... see rule 101 ... blame National.   Snowflake to Labour Party HQ ... not sure that will work this time but I'll give it a go.


No-one who saw Tiger Woods' amazing putt on the 17th at the Valspar Championship played at the Innisbrook - Coopperhead course would have any doubt the 'man' is back. 

Someone will likely prove me wrong but I would hazard a guess that no-one else has returned to the top of a professional sport after such an extended layoff as Tiger had.

For myself I never thought it possible and said so.   Happy to eat a double portion of humble pie.


Readers of my blog will know I'm no fan of President Trump (nor Shillary) but credit where credits due with the news that he has achieved what no other serving President managed to achieve in forcing North Korea to the negotiating table while escalating and maintaining sanctions against the rogue state.

It remains to be seen how this will play out but at least they're going to be talking one on one and, as Churchill said ... 'jaw, jaw is better than war, war'.

Across the ditch and Malcolm Turnbull has been successful in getting Australia exempted from the decision by the United States to impose punitive tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from abroad.

New Zealand currently exports 63m worth of steel and aluminum to the United States each year.    It will be interesting to see whether St Jacinda can pull orf a similar exemption for us .... waiting, waiting ......

Sunday, March 11, 2018


every day looking more like a possum caught in the headlights on a dark rural road and about to be run over by a truck as he backtracks on everything to do with housing.    And it just gets worse with a reinvigorated 'Crusher' at number 4 in National's ranking looking forward to holding his feet to the blowtorch.    

Promises made in Opposition are easy.   Doing it is the hard part and already the cracks in Labour's housing policy are starting to assume earthquake proportions.

Smart move by Bridges to give Collins Planning (RMA reform) reform as well.   The Act is broken and inhibits economic development.    Labour and its poodle parties can't/won't move to fix it in any substantial meaningful way ... at best they will apply band-aid solutions.    Collins has the nous and strength to develop this into an election winning policy.

Just as important ... her jump up the ranking will reinvigorate National's activist base.   Looking good.

Ho Ho Ho

Saturday, March 10, 2018

When Black Is White and White Is Black

The various headlines at RealClearPolitics are worth a good chuckle today.

Here's what the deranged left wing press (includes the Guardian where Ledgut goes to have his brain washed each day) have to say:

What Will Trump Give Up for Peace with North Korea?
Meeting Kim Is a Half-Baked, Dangerous Idea
How Democrats Can Sweep the Midterm Elections   (While they are tanking in opinion polls.)
Trump Abandons Families in Immigration Impasse
Donald Trump Is a Walking Maelstrom
Stormy Daniels Beat Trump at His Own Game

Not for nothing did someone the other day observe that if "If Trump came out for a big increase in the minimum wage, the Washington Post would suddenly realize that it would increase unemployment among minority youths."

On the other side of the divide you will find saner, more rational commentary:-

Trump's Shock and Awe Foreign Policy
Democrats Sing the Texas Blues
Trump Bet on North Korea Shatters Decades of Orthodoxy
Kim's Offer to Meet Proves Trump's Strategy Worked
Can The Donald Rein in The Kim?

For what it's worth I think the Norker Porker has run out of money and fuel and couldn't launch any missiles, even if he wanted to - and he does.  So, for him, this meeting is part of a big bluff.  The bluff would have worked three years ago with a brainless beanpole President but not today.  (It would have worked today also with a fat arsed female President.)

Which ever way you look at it, getting the murderous little prick to the table is a major achievement, even if The Guardian won't admit it.  It remains to be seen what, if anything, will come of it.

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Friday, March 9, 2018


The moronic MSM have been dining out on "International Women's day" yet it is difficult if not impossible to find much rational commentary of the oppression of females in the Great religion of Peace, virtually unchanged for one and a half millenia, in truth possibly morphing  more rigid, contemptible and brainless today.
Female Genital Mutilation ( euphemistically misnamed circumcision), forced and arranged marriage, women as chattels of males, circumscribed opportunities in employment, ownership and education, make up a large bloc of the teachings of the male only hierarchy of Islam yet not a peep from the SJWs of socialism.

Then we are forced to confront a phenomenon that was previously merely a fact of gender life. People running things tended to be male for a plethora of reasons, many based entirely on the principles of Darwin, yet women in power is a fact of life.Governor general, Prime Minister, Chief Justice, Mayors of many urban authorities (plus many so called males of some gender conjecture), there is hardly a seat of power that does not have good female representation or control in this country that enfranchised women over a century ago.
Yet there are still some who want more.
It is a fact that Law school participation and graduation is female in majority.

Bankers, doctors, lawyers, school teachers, in fact any professional I have had dealings with, gender  has never been an issue although I have come up against more obnoxious and ignorant males than females by a country mile.

I do however have a gender issue that defies logic, biology, and common sense and that comes with the lily-livered cowardly concession that sees a male weight lifter, after all the male hormone advantages created from many  millenia of natural selection, apparently able to just become a female for competition. In this instance it clearly does matter, not only are we seen as a joke but those who are charged with administrating such matters where basic fairness should be at the heart of deliberations have abdicated in the face of a whole dumpster of political correct dogma.
Ex Auckland mayor Dick Hubbard's weightlifting child is a bloke and even if severely pruned physically, He is still at the very least an ex bloke!
 Calling it Gavin might just have been a vital clue.

I am old enough to remember Irana and Tamara Press, Ukranian athletes who before Gender rules tightened were often referred to as The Press Brothers. To my knowledge neither ever had children, now why could that be I wonder?

If our current PM was an hermaphrodite it would be of no matter as her performance would still be a total embarrassment, gender is not the issue, incompetence, lack of understanding of basic business principles and the clear dearth of any ability to negotiate are markers that no eraser could rub out. However a degree in communications and some very clever use of language as covered elsewhere by Hobsonville MP Chris Penk and an adoring unquestioning media will allow a longer than deserved Honeymoon.
Only the truck loads of Twink that the inept MSM are using have so far prevented the truth from being exposed.
Just as Margaret Thatcher suggested about other peoples money it will only last until all the twink is exhausted.

Heckle And Jeckle Are Very Quiet Today

Could it be that their heads have exploded on the news that the Trump administration has succeeded in bringing the Norker Porker to heel?  Well, at least to the negotiating table?

Or perhaps it's the news that Australia, Mexico and Canada will be exempt from steel and aluminium tariffs?   H & J might not know that the latter two countries are embroiled in NAFTA negotiations and there's nothing quite like the threat of a 30% tariff to bring them to heel.

You see Jeckle?  That's what happens when you deploy heel spurs.

Which is a damned sight more than his brainless beanpole predecessor did in eight long black years.

And don't complain about links behind a paywall.  Fork out $5/week and subscribe.


An unnamed couple only months into a new house had a nightmare yesterday when a rogue weather system delivered a flash flood that left two  real workers with silt through their accommodation, destroying their dreams..

They had Insurance cover on the structure (possibly borrowing related) but not on their contents and the moronic media assume they were "uninsured for contents".
Maybe, just maybe they made a conscious decision to carry the risk themselves, Fukishima was a lower insurance event in dollar terms than the seismic events of Christchurch at the beginning of the current decade due entirely to the fact that personal insurance rates in Japan are at a lower level than NZ.  So it is entirely possible these hard working citizens made an error in judgment and it failed them.

I carry much of my insurance risk myself with high excess rates and declining to cover, that said third party and public liability are never omitted.

Some of the ill-informed comments on their situation are downright cruel with many looking to blame someone else, council, town planners, building inspectors and  the now very  sad and devastated couple, anybody somebody.
Sh*t  happens and yesterday it happened in Rissington, my heart goes out to the  couple, I hope it is not insurmountable for them, small comfort I know,  but no one died.

I have family not ten miles from the destruction site where they had a great rain to set their bit of paradise up for the winter.

Of course with the benefits of hindsight there will be smug bastards who will escape deserved  blame but prior to instant digital communication revolution the incident would have never been known about beyond the immediate area.

AGW, Climate Change, Humans burning oil and coal, counting down.

During our farming phase on the Tauweru River east of Masterton, a rain event coincided with a seismic event that overnight temporarily dammed the river then released a torrent that took a normal 28 foot level rise in flood water another meter causing stock losses on previously "safe ground".
You will be surprised to hear that loss was not covered by insurance!!!!.

Thursday, March 8, 2018


Not sure that many of you will have been to Niue ... it's pretty much 'out of the way'.    Been there a number of times myself ... in fact if you believe my passport, I'm still there ... but that's another story (thanx to ex Premier Sani Lakatini, a fellow Vietnam veteran).  

Interesting place with a population the size of Martinborough (1600).

It's main source of revenue is foreign aid provided by NZ (Niueans are NZL citizens by right with NZL retaining responsibility for Foreign Affairs and Defence) and remittances sent back from Niueans living in NZL followed by  tourism (especially eco-tourism).    The biggest employer by far is the government ... the police force for example might be consider overmanned with 14 sworn officers which produces a ratio of 1:120 per head of population (that equates to NZL having a police force of 40,000).     Still, that's one way of dealing with unemployment.    There is a prison adjacent to the golf course but it doesn't have any guards ... the senior prisoner locks up for the night.   The prisoner(s) maintains the golf course.   The prisoner's family is responsible for the provision of food.

One thing Niue has in spades is churches.    23 at last count and all competing with each other for souls and dosh.    One suspects there is a fair amount of church hopping.

On a more serious note I applaud the announcement by the Prime Minister of a $5m grant to further grow the development of solar energy with a view to making Niue 80% reliant on solar power.    Running the old diesel fired power station is a huge strain on the economy.    This project will benefit all Niueans.   It is money well spent.

There's not a lot to do in Niue but its a good place to do it in.       Seafood is plentiful and cheap and delicious.   For a bit of an adventure I would recommend you try a Uga hunt (and eat if successful) ... but watch out for the pincer claws.

Only airline servicing Niue is Air NZ and then only twice a week (perhaps).   Hot tip ... Niue is very much a cash society (NZL money) ... don't expect EFTPOS/creditcard facilities except at the Matavai Resort.   It's the sort of place well worth a visit but you probably won't go back for seconds.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018


St Jacinda of Mt Albert or Pope Bridges 1 of Tauranga (or even Beelzebub 11 of St Mary's Bay).

Arise 'Sir' Ross Taylor ... you're the real deal.

Anyone who thought NZL, at 2 for 2 after three overs, wuz going to win is a liar unto himself.


Perhaps they should watch this previously classified film.   Not nice.

Holocaust deniers will of course argue the film was a fake shot in Hollywood or Bollywood or wherever.

The David Irvings of this world are sad sad people.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018


The nation is constantly informed that the data to be collected and collated from the five yearly census is confidential and not to be divulged in any way as personal information.

In 1991 in answering the ethnicity question, in a rebellious act,  I crossed out the offerings in toto and hand  wrote that I was " a native born New Zealander".
For some years following that I was personally contacted by a procession of Crats including the late Sir Paul Reeves attempting to assist me in tracing "my Iwi".
AS a citizen of Scottish heritage that might have a tad of French taint from the close connections of Scotland and France in the Catholic Huguenot contretemps allied to the troubled relations between England and Europe following Henry The Eighths split with Rome, any chance of Maori Blood was only a possibility in most exceptional geographical upheavals as those turbulent times predated  Tasman's "discovery" and the subsequent English "invasion and conquest" of New Zealand.

There was only one way the Maoriocracy discovered my supposed racial origins as interpreted by them as a potential Maori and that was the demolition of total bollocks that personal information would never be divulged.

My answers ever since have very little statistical value as cats and mice permeate my responses in an ongoing  game of chance.

PS attempts to resign have had mixed response some two and a half decades later.


Have just finished reading Frank Walker's book 'Traitors' which details how individuals and companies from the 'allied' nations helped the Germans and Japanese in WW2.

Once war was declared Coca-Cola's plant in Germany lost access to the sweet black syrup it needed to make the product.   The plant's chemists used apple and whey to produce a new product called 'Fanta'.    It was very successful and created huge profits for the company who marketed under the slogan 'Mach doch mal pause' - Take a break.

After the war the German company turned over the patent to the American parent company and so Fanta continues to this day.

When I grew up whey was the calf feed of choice.

The unworkable Overseas Investment Amendment Bill

The Government's byzantine and draconian anti-foreigner bill is working its way through submissions in select committee.  Here are a snippet of the problems it has created so far (courtesy of Act's "Free Press" email newsletter):

Treasury predictions
Treasury predicts the Overseas Investment office will go from processing 150 applications per year to 4700.  That's great for unemployment!
Electricity Companies
Roughly every 1,000 homes require a substation. There are a surprising number of these on residential land.  Electricity companies want to be exempt from it.

Telcos face basically the same problem as electricity companies. They need to have a cell tower in every suburb at least, and then there are data centres and future technology roll outs such as 5G. They want an industry exemption.

The Mega-Rich
Queenstown Mayor Jim Holt and local man Sir Eion Edgar pointed out just how much wealthy foreigners have contributed to conservation in the Otago region. In at least one case investing $100m and putting the land in trust for everybody to enjoy. They would like an exemption for properties over, say, $5m.

Retirement Villages
They want an exemption for operators of registered retirement villages.

Build-to-Rent Companies
They want to be given a Standing Consent for their type of business.

Mining Companies
Mining Companies are often required to buy houses near their sites who might be affected by noise and other pollution, in order to gain resource consent. They may find themselves unable to purchase in time to get consent. They want to be exempt.

Apartment Developers
Banks generally won’t lend to apartment developments, who often depend on pre-sales to a wide market of buyers, including foreign ones. Shrinking the retail market to domestic buyers only will stop many developments.  You guessed it, they’d like an exception for overseas buyers who buy off the plan.

Bunnings Warehouse
This Australian company is suggesting ASX listed companies with more than 500 employees should be exempt.
Labour is caught between a rock and two hard places.  The Rock is the CPTPP, which forbids this kind of nonsense. The first hard place is Labour and New Zealand First’s xenophobic campaigns against foreign investment. The second hard place is the impossibility of designing a law that will cut off some foreign investment based on a problem that doesn't exist without accidentally cutting off the New Zealand economy. 

The crude cynic in me actually hope this goes through unaltered.  I suspect the delayed deadline will be further delayed as Labour attempts to extricate itself from this mess.