Friday, April 20, 2018

"Vim Hoc Cum Humilitate"

This is right up The Veteran's alley.

Australia's Chief of Army, Lieutenant General Campbell has banned using symbols of death.  

Apparently he fears such symbols might give the army a bad name.  For God's sake, Chaps.  Don't mention the word 'Kill!'

“As soldiers our purpose is to serve the state, employing violence with humility always and compassion wherever possible. The symbology to which I refer erodes this ethos of service.”

The title of this post is to be the new Ocker Army motto.   It translates as the above piece in bold.

As more than one commenter has already pointed out, he's going to have a bit of a problem because the skull and crossbones to which he objects is part of the insignia of a  number of British regiments.

Queen's Royal Lancers

Anzac Day might just get a bit interesting with one or two provocative fancy dress costumes on display.


Sheesh ... will 'they' ever learn.   DPF over at Kiwiblog here has an excellent post on the 'doctoring' of Shanan Halbert's c.v. to include an MBA from AUT which he was never awarded.   His c.v. has now been amended to exclude any reference to the degree.

First Golly Gosh and now Labour's candidate for Northcote.   Methinks 'he' just managed to sink his own campaign.   His personal credibility is now zilch.

Any serious candidate can expect the blowtorch to be applied to them and they are kidding themselves if they think they can get away with falsifying their credentials.

More to the point ... will Labour's NZ Council now proceed to act in accordance with rule 18.18.1(b) of their constitution which reads "The NZ Council may withdraw the the candidacy of any candidate whose candidate's biographical statement knowingly includes information that is inaccurate or misleading in any material respect or omits significant relevant material."

Waiting, waiting ......  

Seems to me Labour's two months from hell just keeps on keeping on.


In the lead up to ANZAC Day I thought I might relate some stories from my time in Vietnam which I originally published on-line under the heading of  'Tales from the Dark Side of Victor 3'.    For your light amusement or whatever .....

Victor 3 commenced its tour on the Horseshoe which was a horseshoe shaped feature (funny that) about 8k away from the ANZAC Base at Nui Dat.   It overlooked the town of Dat Do which contained many VC sympathisers.    2 Platoon (my platoon) occupied the left hand position; 3 Platoon were in the centre with 1 Platoon on the right.     In front of and down the hill from the platoon positions (about 40 yards away) were a series of barbed wire fences (to keep the enemy out or the troops in - I know not which).

At dusk and just before daylight everyone 'stood to' in that great military tradition which has it that the enemy would likely choose that time to attack (as it happened the enemy probably read from the same training manual and so never did  ... I mean, why would they).    In reality it signaled the change from day to night routine and vice versa.

It was twilight and stand to and over the Company command net came a message from 1 Platoon that a small mouse deer had somehow gotten into the wire and was proceeding along their front and could they use it for target practice please sir.   

The Company Commander ever anxious to allow his soldiers to develop their shooting skills gave permission on the basis of 'one shot, one deer'.    Everyone was warned not to be alarmed.     A few minutes later there was a crack from a M16 ... then silence.    Seconds later there were two shots from an SLR; seconds later still there was a burst of fire from an M60 ... and so the noise got closer as everyone in 1 Platoon had a go.    A few minutes later again firing began from the 3 Platoon position to our right and I swear this time it may have included a .50 cal machine gun.  The firing got closer.   Then the phone in my Platoon HQ rang with a report from my right hand bunker (immediately adjacent to 3 Platoon) that they could, in the gloom, just make out a small furry animal picking its way along the wire with spurts of dust all around it and could they avago too please.    In my wisdom I said yes so my lot joined in the fun to see the deer continue its merry path right across my front and then exit the wire at the left heading towards Dat Do.

I think something in the order of 1,200 rounds of ammunition was expended during the 30 minute ‘battle’.    Victor 3 nil, deer 1.

About the only people in the Company not to be involved in the fire fight were Larry Southern's mortars although I suspect he would have called in a fire mission given half a chance.

It would not be a great revelation to say that our Company Commander was not a happy chappie.    My diary records that all Platoon Commanders were read their pedigree by him.    I suspect same same from the Company Sergeant Major to the Platoon Sergeants.    Jack Wooster, the doyen of shooting theory in the NZ Army, would have been mortified even more so if he heard.     On 'sober' refection I think there may have been some connection between this and the 'Great Nui Dat Beer Heist' described in a later story.   This would explain much.

Sunray 5/2

Footnote …. Victor 3 Company served in Vietnam from May 1968 through to May 1969.   It was part of 4RAR/NZ (ANZAC) Battalion.  19 members of the battalion, including four New Zealanders were killed in action while 27, including 8 New Zealanders, were decorated for gallantry.

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Thursday, April 19, 2018


The theme for this year’s RSA Poppy Appeal, not all wounds bleed, highlights the fact that mental health injuries are the most common, but least understood, of all wounds suffered by New Zealand servicemen and women. 

75% of New Zealand's veterans with a mental health injury resulting from their service are under the age of 45. 

Please give generously.



Readers will know I'm no fan of President Trump (nor his opponent in the 2016 elections).    Indeed, I think James Comey is pretty much on the money in his description of him.

But all that aside it appears his shear unpredictability as President may have forced the North Koreans to the negotiating table ... if he manages to pull this off he will have achieved what no other US President in recent times came close to.

Lotsa water to flow under the bridge and the talks (if indeed they take place) might well end in failure but, if I were a betting man, I would put money on them resulting in some easing of tensions accompanied by ???    The reality is the tough regime of US orchestrated sanctions are biting and the DKR needs to have them lifted either in whole or in part.   This, coupled with the limited economic reforms now being championed by Kim3, means the time might now be right for a constructive dialogue between the two nuclear nations.

If President Trump can pull this off he deserves kudos for that even though my opinion of him is unlikely to change.  

Wednesday, April 18, 2018


An All black, a member of a cult that accommodates adherents  tossing homosexual men blindfolded from upper stories and almost total silence.
A Wallaby player suggests homosexual men might be consigned to hell and it becomes a massive media outrage.

The rugby gin swilling old farts bend over backwards to allow the AB to remove sponsors logos from his strip while a young fart who may or may not drink gin is facing a sponsor backlash when her man makes rather questionable threats that may or may not ever eventuate from his christian motivated faith, while the Islam adherent just carries on with a finger saluting the judeo christians.
Of course should  the poor buggers, pun intended,  survive their horrific dive they will almost certainly face additional life threatening repercussions, invariably life ending.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018


That the COL would agree to establish a reference group to assist the Inspector-General of Intelligence & Security carry out her role without reference to Parliament simply beggars belief.    That some of those so appointed have earned themselves a certain notoriety compounds the issue.

And let's be very clear.   The appointments will have been made by way of Ministerial warrant.   This is a government initiative and, dollars to donuts, will have been made without reference to our Five Eyes partners.    Make no mistake ... there will be consequences ... perhaps not immediately ... just a slow turning off of the tap.

Appears to me the Greens are well on the way to achieving what for them has always been a cause célèbre ...  the editing of New Zealand out of Five Eyes.     But this can't be sheeted home just to the Greens.   Labour and Winston First along with the Greens are jointly and severally responsible. 


that 'our' government will turn a 'Nelson's eye' to the racist decision of the South African government to amend Section 45 of their constitution to allow the expropriation, without compensation, of land belonging to an estimated 12,000 white farmers for  redistribution to their mates in what will almost certainly be a re-run of what happened in Zimbabwe which saw that country turn from being the 'breadbasket of Africa' into a net importer of food.

The South African government is determined to make these people into economic refugees in their own land.    They are being made scapegoats in order to turn attention away from the economic failures and endemic corruption that is the hallmark of the ANC governing Party.  

Will there be worldwide condemnation of this decision? ... give me a break.    South Africa is a 'black' country and these are' whites' ... who is going to stick their head up over the parapets and advocate for them and risk being labelled racist.    Nah, better that those being dispossessed of their land are to be seen as authors of their own misfortune by accident of birth.   They must pay for the sins of their fathers and and sins of their father's fathers.   

South Africa faces a bleak future.

Why Does The Media Deal With Only One Issue.......

......... at a time?

I don't know. 

Of course, they do deal with more than one issue but it seems as though only one issue dominates.  Then, after a few short days, it disappears.   Politicians play on this phenomenon, often introducing faux controversies in order to hasten the exit from public view of some uncomplimentary issue de jour.

If it's 'Trump bashing' then its the same issue every day but dressed up in different pajamas.

If it's 'Adern adoring' then its the same issue every day but dressed up in different pajamas.  (I must admit just one or two journalists seem to have cleared the mist from their eyes on this one.)

However, one wonders:-

What's happened to North Korea? 

What's happened to the Australian Prime Ditherer's woeful so-called 'energy policy?

What's happened to Clare Curran's perfidy?

What's happened to Frau Merkel

What's happened to the so-called US/China trade war?  (Here's a clue.  Were China winning, it would be all over thee media in banner headlines.)

What's happened to the appalling Islamic child grooming scandals from half a dozen Englsh cities?

Monday, April 16, 2018

Back In The Day

Today is the first day of the Adolphian honeymoon.  (If I've told this story before, I apologise to those who are having it inflicted upon them again.)

Well, it was the first day forty six years ago.

I met my wife in Bunbury in March 1970.  Adolf and The Cook tied the knot on April 15th 1972 in a small circular church in Bunbury.  Shortly thereafter, the church had to be demolished due to structural defects.  The wedding reception was held in the pub next to the racecourse.  Shortly thereafter, the pub burned to the ground.

I still have the receipt for that night's accommodation at the Captain Fremantle, a reasonably flash motel.  Bed and breakfast for two - $17.50.   Shortly thereafter, it was bulldosed and the site redeveloped.

BTW in those days, fresh out of Lincoln, I could have started with the NZ Gummint on a salary of $2,200 with no perks.  I started with Shell Chemical (Australia) P/L on a salary of $4,000 with a brand new Chrysler Valiant station wagon and unlimited private mileage.

To people who are silly enough to ask 'Why did you come back to Bunbury?' the stock answer is 'For the divorce.'


persona non grata because of his refusal to step up and rid UK Labour Party of those expressing antisemitic views.    Clearly they see Corbyn as big on rhetoric but when push comes to shove he wimps out ... not overly surprising when it's 'Momentum' (his own bugle band) that's front and centre of the controversy.

The reality is that there has always been an element of antisemitism in both the hard left and hard right of UK politics.   Clearly the Tories do a better job of managing it ... confining it to the Boardrooms rather than shouting it at Party political meetings

Whatever ... it's a big call when the leader of a Labour Party is declared  'untermensch' by another fraternal Labo(u)r Party.

I'm sure Lord Egbut will have a view on this.

Unfortunate Wording

From (of all places) CNN.

I can't see anything out of place.

Mariah Carey reveals bipolar disorder

Mariah Carey reveals bipolar disorder

Sunday, April 15, 2018


The msm has been curiously silent on the Local Government (Community Well-being) Amendment Bill being promoted through the House as a Government Bill ... why, dunno ... guess it's not seen as 'sexy' enough to warrant a little digging.   It does.

The Bill removes the last remaining fiscal constraint on local councils by deleting the present clause 10(1)(b) of the Local Government Act 2002 requiring local government "to meet the current and future needs of communities for good quality local infrastructure, local public services and performance of regulatory functions in a way that is most cost-effective for businesses and households" and replace it with a new sub clause reading "to promote the social, economic, environmental and cultural well-being of communities in the present and for the future".    

Talk about a blank cheque for social engineering bereft of accountability beyond that of the triennial elections and by then it's too late.

All per courtesy of the COL.   For this (and many things) St Jacinda and her two little helpers have much to answer for.


Perhaps the commenter at Slater's Blog has worked it out!

Winnie becomes the "Acting PM".
In that role he has a quiet word with Soimin who agrees!
Mr once 7% now elevated by cunning in spite of falling to around 2% informs the Gov Gen that due to emerging threats to the NZ economy he has withdrawn his support for the Hydra and can now produce a majority in the Parliament with the National Party!

Alas Ms Bennett will decide to resign as Deputy leader to be replaced in time and the 41st PM will serve until the next election.

By then the Charlatan General can retire with his legacy, such as it will have become, plus a knighthood while the country can just suck it up.
The moronic cult followers including 'Medals',  His Provincial white knight set up to fail in the energy fiasco. and "I know where the bodies are buried" Tracy Martin can do sweet F all unles they are about to give up the money and perks.
Makes what is happening almost plausible, while all other scenarios struggle. for comprehensible rationalisation.
Almost a bloodless Coup d'etat, and afaik within the parameters of what we have for constitutional government process.


DPF on Kiwiblog here sez it all in covering off St Jacinda's response to the US/GB/French strikes against Syrian chemical warfare facilities.

While others stood four square behind the action NZL merely 'accepts' the reasoning behind it ... some may consider that damning it with faint praise.

One can fairly question the influence that our Putin's poodle foreign minister had in watering down our statement of 'support'.

Saturday, April 14, 2018


A government that has hopes well beyond what many see as affordable, this week with no consultation or conversations, collapsed the multimillion dollar off shore exploration for hydrocarbons in NZ, a vibrant industry that might have helped fund the extraordinary aspirations of the intellectual midgets masquerading as the current executive.

Estimated, to be worth half a billion a year and employing thousands, exploration has been gutted by a virtue signalling outfit whose total business acumen is measured in micrograms, now threatens to tank the booming economy Simon English delivered from  the spectre of treasury predicted decades of deficits just ten years ago.

NZ will still need and consume growing quantities of hydrocarbons and as current sources become exhausted from production  that now minimises or offsets from the considerable oil and gas  flowing within our dominion,  greater imports will ensue.

As the PM jets off with an entourage of blinded supporters to meet with  other intellectual giants, all babbling about how they will save the planet from variables of temperatures previously endured, attributed to natural patterns set almost entirely by a fragile relationship with the nuclear powered heart of our solar system. A physical setup that includes orbital and axial facets relating to earths positioning plus significant activity within the Suns natural variations still largely unfathomed by science. Since those variables are as yet nontaxable to waste on the billion plus we send off shore to where, no-one admits to, the morons are relying on perpetrating the current AGW fraud.

  NZ is very well placed in sustainable energy creation and transmission from our limited harnessing the gravity powered  energy potential of water travelling from uplands to the sea from where evaporation sends it back into the sky to fall on the mountains again, and all for free.
Any CO2 created by burning hydrocarbons as backup to Hydro adds to food production for the over seven billion souls inhabiting planet earth. 
NZ electric energy sustainability is by world standards up there with Iceland (a north Atlantic island nation population equivalent to greater Christchurch) and Norway with even greater untapped hydro capacity that accompanies oil reserves and production that when measured against their population almost of unimaginable value,  all  for a nation similar in size to NZ
In a sop to the Luddite Melons, Ardern and Ample  Woods stood yesterday with a beaming Jimmie 'two mums' Shaw and Mr Billion for bribes and obfuscation Jones (acting like a guilty thug trying to obscure his mug from the cameras at the district court door) announced to a fawning media an ending of all offshore oil and gas exploration along with all onshore activity outside of Taranaki, the energy boomtown.
Poor old Angry Andy was given time out from his feeble Pike River Mine fiasco ( that as a union official he was at the very center of, as a pawn in the lead up to that tragedy) that is set to consume twenty three million dollars of money the rest of the Coast  would dearly love to be able to access to repair the damage from the two rogue storms two weeks apart in February that created massive erosion damage to roads and infrastructure.. As  yet Westland is  apparently totally ignored by the virtue signalling kindy kids living their dream  north of cook straight.
Maybe some crusading journo, if there is one remaining,  might like to contact Bruce Smith the Mayor of Westland District or list MP Maureen Pugh his predecessor, instead of the luvvie's favs Bernie Monk and Tony Kockshorn from Grey District Council neither of whom can see beyond the Paparoas, for a true perspective of just what the twin storms wrought to greater Westland and Tasman.
Mayor Smiths jurisdiction is three hundy Kms long between the summit of the Alps and  the Tasman Sea of  and is traversed by the SI "Holiday Highway 6 from Kumara to Haast with a population only a little larger than Thames and charged with administering an area five times that of Thames Corromandel. Vast areas of Westland is non rateable so budget pressures apply
Just imagine the outcry if Aukland's playground was ignored to the degree Bruce's bunch of Ferals have been since Mother nature visited twice in quick succession.

No matter, Cinders and her entourage will burn a mess of the finite hydrocarbons to get her pregnant self to the other side of the world then return to labour in situ while poor old Andy tries to rationalise to the voters who thrice delivered him  the arse card in his hometown New Plymouth, how destroying thousands of their jobs will save us all from Armageddon.

Friday, April 13, 2018


It is reported that President Trump is considering applying for the USA to rejoin the TPPA (or whatever 'they' call it now).   This in reaction to that countries looming trade war with China.

There is no doubt that many of the countries signed up to the TPPA would welcome such a move.   New Zealand might be the exception given the inherent tensions in the COL relating to free trade and especially free trade involving the United States.

Not sure whether the US would be negotiating their re-entry from a position of strength having walked away from the agreement just 18 months ago ... but, then again, the US exercises great economic power and influence.   

Someone might have to retrieve St Jacinda's letter to Trump requesting an exemption from the tariffs imposed on our steel and aluminum exports to the US from that bottom drawer where it has been languishing gathering dust.


This per courtesy of one of our regular readers from WA.   Re 12 and think of David while 13 applies equally to most of the NZL print media.

1. The Australian Financial Review is read by the people who run the country.

2. The Canberra Times is read by people who think they run the country.

3. The Australian is read by people who think they should run the country, and who are very good at crossword puzzles.

4. The Sydney Morning Herald is read by people who think they ought to run the country but don't really understand The Australian.

5. The Courier Mail is read by people who wouldn't mind running the country, if they didn't have to leave Queensland to do it.

6. The Age is read by people whose parents used to run the country.

7. The Melbourne Herald Sun is read by people who aren't too sure who's running the country and don't really care as long as they can get a seat on the train

8. The Sydney Daily Telegraph is read by people who don't care who is running the country as long as they do something really scandalous, preferably while intoxicated.

9. The West Australian is read by people who are in prison, who used to run the state, and would like to do so again, as would their constituents who are currently free on bail.

10. The Hobart Mercury is read (slowly) by people who are running another country, but need the Aussie Rules scores.

11. Crikey is read by people who aren't sure if there is a country or that anyone is running it; but if so, they oppose all that they stand for. There are occasional exceptions if the leaders are gay, handicapped, minority, feminist, atheists, and those who also happen to be illegal aliens from any other country or galaxy, provided of course, that they are not conservatives.

12. The Adelaide Advertiser is read by people trapped in a line at the supermarket waiting for the electricity to come back on.

13. The Northern Territory Times is read by people who have recently caught a fish and need something to wrap it in.

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Thursday, April 12, 2018


I enjoy a good lager even though my olde friend Egbut (who is quite knowledgeable in all matters beer) would have it that lager is for pussies while real ale is for real men.

So, and confining ourselves to lager please (and in my book Pilsner beer is a lager), what would you rate as the best lager you have tasted and, conversely, the worst.  

For me ... best is Turborg while the worst is anything American which can only be described as Gnat's piss (with apologies to all good Gnats).

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Faster Please!

Oh dear, oh dear.

The Human Rights Tribunal is unable to function due to work overload.  It is in danger of collapse.

No doubt it has been flooded by frivolous complaints from melting leftist snowflakes like Bradbury.  They'll demand a vast expansion to the bureaucracy and Toothfairy will oblige.  It will be money far better spent than fixing black spots on the nation's highways.

You got what you voted for.


as co-leader of the Greens presents opportunities and challenges for both National and Labour.

Davidson represents the social policy activist base of the Greens whereas Shaw, Genter and Sage identify more with their more traditional environmentalist base.    The breadth of Davidson's victory confirms the ascendancy of the former among Green Party activists.   Davidson and Me Tu are indistinguishable and indeed, there is nothing too much that separates them from Hone Harawiri's Mana Party in their belief that it's duty of government to act as a modern day John Frum and dispense to the people what they want, when they want it, with work an optional extra ... perhaps.   And all the while secure in the knowledge that there are plenty of 'rich pricks' out there to pick up the tab.
It's a big call indeed by Davidson to say her task is to win back the 5%+ support bled in the lead-up to the election as a result of the Me Tu affair when all she can offer is more of the same and more.   Her election positions the Greens firmly on the left and likely to move further left as they move to out-labour Labour (which is also moving to the left) and preserve their identity as a separate Party. 

Make no mistake about it.   Davidson's election confirms that the Green Party of today bears little resemblance to the Green Party of Jeanette Fitzsimons and Rod Donald.   It has been captured by the hard left for whom the environmentalist persona is but a means to an end.

For Labour they can rest now assured that the Greens have no-where to go.  Davidson's election means they have edited themselves out of any meaningful conversation with National.   But that comes at a price.   As the Greens move to shore up and grow their vote on the left Labour risks shaking loose their middle NZL support in moving to counter that.

For National and the reality is they are left with no coalition partners on the horizon.   ACT is a broken brand and exists solely per courtesy of National.   It's time it was euthanized.   NZF too is terminal; their association with Labour means they will struggle to hit the 5% threshold even if Peters were to defy logic and stand again.   Without Peters and it will be a Dunne repeat.   The Maori Party, for all their talk, won't be back.   The Maori seats are Labour's to have and to hold.

National has a choice.   It can go it alone and commit to an election strategy predicated on their obtaining 46% of the vote and hoping the wasted vote reaches 11% which, edited out, would push National over the line.    That's a huge ask and would, IMHO, be a very 'courageous' decision (as Sir Humphrey might opine).    Alternatively it can seize the moment created by  Davidson's election and help facilitate the establishment of new Blue/Green stand-alone Party and target the disaffected 'environmentalist' Green vote buttressed by the substantial number of ROC voters who do care about the environment.  

The challenge here is if a Blue-Green Party were to succeed it cannot be seen  as a mere cypher for National.     It has to stand separate as offering something different than the slash and burn approach of the Greens and the laisez faire gradualism favoured by National.      The net result is that there will inevitably be a measure of creative tension between National and the Blue-Greens (much like that which exists between the Liberals and the Nationals in Australia).    That risk will need to be managed intelligently by both camps.  

The same opportunity does not present on National's right for two reasons.    First that the alt-right is fractious and, without putting a too fine a point on it, hampered by the kooks and single issue zealots who tend to gravitate to such parties.   Second, and more importantly, those who hanker for National to move to the right have already got a champion in Judith Collins sitting at Number 4 in the caucus rankings.    Collins isn't sitting in the No. 4 spot just to eat her lunch.

National cannot afford the do nothing approach.    It's all about risk and reward and Davidson's anointing presents National with an opportunity it would be stupid to pass up on ... and it holds the trump card ... Epsom.


Tuesday, April 10, 2018


Is Gavin Hubbard's injury and possible career ending injury, karma?
Empathy and sympathy are in short supply but I am somewhat sad that he has chosen to make his gender confusion so public but that was always his  choice.
A bloke competing as a Sheilah is wrong in so many ways and the fact that most events are separated by gender is obvious to anyone with functioning brain cells.
That Nature sometimes creates a gender conundrum is no more or less sad than a person wanting to be a Michael Jordan and only reaching 1.5 meters in bare feet.

Sheilah tennis 'stars's only manage best of three sets while blokes can fight out five while all getting equal pay is utter bollocks.

To decide at thirty something he wants to be a girl leaves Mr Hubbard a bigger fraud than his idiot dad who managed to convince Aucklanders to elect him mayor. At least he ran as a bloke albeit a blouse.

Hows about make it bridge or macrame where it is unlikely gender makes a physical difference, Eh Gav? or if you still have the cojones maybe poker, as in put your money where your mouth is.

If your career is indeed ended then an embarrassing bit of sport gone mad is ended for now.
Who will be the first to deliberately maim themselves for a moment in history still awaits.

Many people who are freaks can attain greatness in playing a hand delivered by nature but they still have to train and work to make their advantage count, Mr Gavin Hubbard spent thirty years developing his body to compete in weight lifting as a bloke only then to trans  a hormonally developed  body to use that testosterone built body as a weapon to dominate a sport where women struggled to compete and it was OK, I do not think so.

What's In A Word?


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0730 Friday, Ohau B canal, time to evac to home base.

Current temperatures, rain, hail in paradise today might just have been be right.

ps McKeowns self service at Mayfield on way south before Easter diesel $1.002 per liter, on way home $1.028. In Wanaka in the interval close to $1.50. Almost $30 a fill savings.

Monday, April 9, 2018

International Trade

A couple of opinion piece from the US recently cited the risk to President Trump represented by China's response to his various and many tariffs introduced on Chinese manufactured goods.

In particular, the writers refer to the inscrutable cleverness of the Chinese in imposing a tit for tat tariff on American soy beans, nearly all of which are grown in the mid western states which thrust Donald Trump into the oval office.

According to their logic, if China stops buying American soy beans, American growers will go broke and therefore will not vote for the Republicans in November 2018 or the President in2020.  Or so the story goes.

Image result for soy beans

Maybe these writers have never seen what really happens in international trade. 

Try this on for size.  China shifts it's soy bean purchases from the US to Brazil which seems to be the next largest exporter.   Brazil fills the China orders but not by way of a sudden massive increase in production - which happens to be physically impossible.  No, Brazil cuts back on supplies or puts up prices to some of its other customers.

Woopee-doo!  Those mid western soy bean growers who were supposed to be going broke slip in and make a killing, selling their production to Brazil's erstwhile customers.

But here's the kicker.   Thanks to China's buggering about in the market, the Yank growers get a better price from their new customers than they were getting from China.

And that's how they are making America great again.

A question about The Masters

How is that the organisers always have a made to measure Green Jacket available for the winner? I guess that a condition of entry is that all players have to supply their measurements with their entry but am sure that they do not get a jacket made for each of them - does anyone have the answer? Well done Patrick Reed - just reward for your consistency.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Ho Ho Ho


to those of us who have ever paid good money to fly Aeroflot.    A survey by the airline booking agent eDreams and based on customer feedback from 60,000 respondents rated Aeroflot eighth in the world and ahead of Air France (hardly surprising).    It is rated Best Major Airline in Europe by Trip Advisor while the APEX Official Airline Ratings named Aeroflot the 2018 Five Star Global Airline.

Clearly the day of the Aeroflop appellation is long gone.

I can recall a flight from Singapore to Moscow and beyond in an IL-62 and being fed caviar, Georgian apples and vodka by an amazon like stewardess (with hirsute armpits showing and smelling) who gave me the distinct impression that, unless I ate it all with a smile on my face, I would be reported to the authorities as showing disrespect for the Rodena ... this on a long flight with the aircraft toilets with notices saying 'nyet something' on the door and locked.

Others may have similar stories to tell.    Mind you, ever flown Jetstar on a bad day?  

I'm in Rotorua/Tauranga for the next few days so limited blogging.